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In Jobcrafting you take responsibility for making small changes in your work that result in more motivation and less energy loss.
All small changes are in your own hands. No permission is required. The adjustments are without disadvantaging colleagues, in line with organisation mission and team objectives.

An approach to expand perspectives on job design to include proactive changes that employees make to their own jobs

Amy Wrzesniewski

What is Jobcrafting

What Jobcrafting does for me? 

Jobcrafting leads to small adjustments

Which are
in your hands 

To get more energy

from your work 

That  consume less  energy

What Teamcrafting does for us? 

Together, puzzling the division of work ...

What Does Team crafting

In Teamcrafting you puzzle together your division of work by knowing each other's fit and unpleasant tasks and taking this into account. The solutions make the work a little better for everyone, taking into account the purpose of our team, the competences and the resources. The changes are co-created and can be implemented immediately.

... by knowing each other's type of tasks (FUELD) and taking this into account.

Teamcrafting leads to performing teams!


Find out how Jobcrafting helped a collaborator

and Teamcrafting helped a teamleader.

How I Crafted My Job

Laura's story

Meet Laura, 32 years old mother trying to balance her work with her family life.

3 things Laura implemented after doing Jobcrafting

Change the order in which you do your tasks!

Accept what you can't change,

Change what you can't accept!

Set up your small work experiment! 

I used to start my day reading my emails and before I knew I was already half through the morning. I couldn’t finish what I planned to do and that frustrated me enormously. Now I structure my day into blocks of tasks and I start with a task which I need to be focused on.

It’s so simple.

I realized that for the last years I have been trying to do the impossible. If things go wrong, I now always ask myself: what is my responsibility and I’ll take it. But for things that are not in my hands I surrender and accept, …with a smile.

A huge difference!

You want to start a task; something you like or you are talented in? Set up the smallest experiment possible. Learn from doing it, or from the feedback you got. If it is successful make the experiment bigger !

Involve your manager!

Here are our 3 solutions to start with Jobcrafting!  

Do it Yourself:

With the use of the Jobcrafting game


an individual session

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How I Crafted My Team?

Andreas's story

Meet Andreas, 45-years old struggling to supervise his team.

 3 concerns Andreas had about Jobcrafting & Teamcrafting as a supervisor

is it not organising chaos?

Jobcrafting is not something that a team leader or HR needs to allow someone to do, simply because everyone is already doing it. It is only not done in a structured way. When you organise it the results will improve the way you collaborate and it reduces stress. People learn to take more responsibility for their own work.

When you touch the work of colleagues, are they gonna like it?

When you hold a dialogue about the division of work, colleagues have more understanding of each other's concerns, fears and goals. We see that afterwards they are more open to help each other in finishing the work.

But we have done a teambuilding!

Most teambuildings has been made to forget the work and to do a fun activity together in which we get to know each other better.  It takes about 2 weeks and then the effect is gone.

When you hold a dialogue about the division of work, colleagues have more understanding of each other's concerns, fears and goals. We see that afterward, colleagues are more open to help each other in completing the work.

3 advices from Andreas to set up Job- and Teamcrafting

Get the right information

I had to attend a workshop to understand and overcome my objections.
During the workshop I did my own Jobcrafting exercise.

Organise a Jobcrafting coaching training

When you have tried to motivate people with performance appraisals you must have found out that this doesn't work. Using visual task analyses to understand peoples FUELD tasks has given me more insights then 7 years scoring people's performance. That is why you need to have Jobcrafting coaches.

Run a few experiments

We used the knowledge of an experienced teamcrafting facilitator. It was too risky and too time consuming to figure out how to do this ourselves. Moreover we now had a neutral observer.

Andreas Story

Dynamo is your creative partner for training, coaching and organisation development.
To achieve this we work together with people who are eager to help other people grow. We do that in a good atmosphere in order to ensure the best results for the client.

Dynamo offers customized solutions based on scientific theory and practical experience, which we fill in in a innovative way, with the ultimate goal: creating a successful and lasting change.

We are enthusiastic about ‘New Generation Work’ and we like to innovate to offer our clients new learning tools that they can use in an effective way. Jobcrafting and Teamcrafting are part of the New Generation Work tool set which Dynamo created. We help with Smart Interviewing, Smart Advising, Smart Meetings, Non-Hierarchic Leadership and Co-Creation with large groups.

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