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How I Crafted My Job

Laura's story

Meet Laura, 32 years old mother trying to balance her work with her family life.

3 things Laura implemented after doing Jobcrafting

Change the order in which you do your tasks!

Accept what you can't change,

Change what you can't accept!

Set up your small work experiment!

I used to start my day reading my emails and before I knew I was already half through the morning. I couldn’t finish what I planned to do and that frustrated me enormously.
Now I structure my day into blocks of tasks and I start with a task which I need to be focused on.

It’s so simple.

I realized that for the last years I have been trying to do the impossible. If things go wrong, I now always ask myself: what is my responsibility and I’ll take it. But for things that are not in my hands I surrender and accept, …with a smile.

A huge difference!

You want to start a task; something you like or you are talented in? Set up the smallest experiment possible. Learn from doing it, or from the feedback you got. If it is successful make the experiment bigger !

Involve your manager!

Here are our 3 solutions to start with Jobcrafting!  

Do it Yourself:

With the use of the Jobcrafting game


an individual session

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